Owner Operators

Flexibility is often key in a well laid out logistics plan, and we’ve got just what you need to ensure flexibility from loading to unloading. At Premium Logistics, we offer shipping services on our Conestoga vehicles. With our many years of experience, we’ve come to understand that transporting with a Conestoga vehicle gives you the flexibility that a normal truck can’t.
The experienced logistics specialists that are assigned to you will work with you to determine if a Conestoga truck is the best vehicle solution for the transportation of your goods. Electing to implement the use of a Conestoga truck in your supply chain will guarantee flexibility in both loading and unloading your goods, and protection for your goods from any weather that may occur during transportation.

Our Conestoga vehicles at Premium Logistics can be used with any of our services. While the use of that vehicle is a specialty service in and of itself, it does not hinder you from selecting our other services such as Expedited Shipping or Overnight Delivery. You have the unique ability at Premium Logistics to get flexibility in both your vehicle and services selection. The logistics specialists that are assigned to you will help you determine if our Conestoga vehicles will best meet the needs of your specific freight.
Fill out the information form to connect with one of our experienced logistics specialists here at Premium Logistics and determine if our Shipping services on a Conestoga vehicle is just what your logistics plan needs.