Owner Operators

ORTEC has advanced optimization solutions to support FTL transport in multiple ways: technology to create FTL-orders based on customer demand, by stacking and loading optimization. In particular relevant in Vendor Managed Inventory concepts the frequency and delivery is optimized to focus on FTL.
In transport optimization the assignment of FTL to truck/driver such that the utilization of the driver is maximized and empty mileage between two FTL transport is minimized.

If your priority is to reduce transit times, the best option for you is the FTL. In the Full truckload transport service (FTL) the cargo is transported from point A to point B without intermediate stops, so it is the fastest transportation service of land transportation options.
In the case of Less Than Truckload (LTL) transport services, the transit times are longer because it makes several stops before reaching its final destination. However, Mexicom Logistics can provide LTL services with a balance between speed and price. How do we do it? We chose the most convenient route to reduce the number of loading and unloading points.