Owner Operators

Premium Logistics prides itself on offering many different services across the transportation industry that can meet just about any need logistically. We handle everything from Mexico cross-border services, conestoga loads, last mile deliveries, overnight deliveries, expedited shipments, time critical shipments, to temperature controlled shipments.
With the expansive network of both logistics specialists and drivers that we have established across Mexico and the United States, we can handle it all. Establishing a supply chain is typically a very expensive and stressful process, but the team here at Premium Logistics makes it as easy as can be from start to finish, while working to save you money every step of the way. No matter the goods or the destination, we’ve got everything you need here at Premium Logistics to create a reliable and efficient supply chain.

Our Services

Our network of drivers across the United States and Mexico offer many different vehicles for you to use. Due to the many types of transportation vehicles available to you, you will have the ability to only pay for the space that you require in a vehicle, rather than paying for a large truck that is too much space for your goods.
Premium Logistics offers both dry trucks and refrigerated trucks, meaning any and all goods you need transported will be handled with the best care.