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    At Premium Logistics, we offer many different transportation services that can handle all of your cargo needs. Regardless if your cargo is dry or refrigerated, cross-border or cross-state, we’ve got you covered.
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    Premium Logistics Inc is continuously looking for experienced owner-operators to join our constantly expanding network.
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    Partnering with Premium Logistics to handle your transportation needs means having someone on your side 24/7 to answer any questions you may have, and support you every step of the way.
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    We handle everything from Mexico cross-border services, conestoga loads, last mile deliveries, overnight deliveries, expedited shipments, time critical shipments, to temperature controlled shipments.
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    We prioritize safety, efficiency, and time management here at Premium Logistics. The team of both drivers and logistics specialists we have within our network have decades of experience delivering the most reliable transportation services across the United States and Mexico.
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    Premium Logistics is a reliable transportation company that has used the combined decades of experience from our team members to create services with each customer in mind.
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Premium Logistics Services


Full truckload, commonly referred to as FTL, is a type of shipping mode whereby a truck carries one dedicated shipment. In other words, the journey is reserved for one shipment only.


Expedited Shipping services at Premium Logistics can be used to transport any volume of cargo. We can also handle any type of cargo, both dry and refrigerated, with our Expedited Shipping services.


With decades of experience as a company, you can trust that your cargo will be transported with care throughout the United States and Mexico. Our logistics specialists will handle every detail from the loading to the unloading of your goods.


Inspired by covered wagons of the 17th century, these units feature a rolling tarpon frame system down the trailer's side. This tarp, or retractable curtain, helps to keep the freight secure and safe from the weather and elements.


Selecting Last Mile Delivery services with your assigned logistics specialist is as easy as can be. We remove any and all stress that comes with the final stretch of your cargo, ensuring it lands right where you intended it to.


The team at Premium Logistics has decades of collective experience in handling Overnight Deliveries, and we guarantee a smooth process from start to finish. Our Overnight Delivery services can be used for both dry and refrigerated goods.


Our team will handle every detail of your Time-Critical shipment, from which driver and vehicle is best to handle your cargo in the fastest time, to every detail involved in your loading and unloading. We handle it all here at Premium Logistics so you don’t have to.


Our fleet of refrigerated vehicles here at Premium Logistics are outfitted with top of the line reefer equipment, guaranteeing the safe delivery of all of your goods. We can handle all types of refrigerated cargo, from meat and produce, to medications and experimental samples.


Drayage is a logistics term that involves shipping goods a short distance via ground freight. Drayage can help fill the gaps in intermodal shipping. The term drayage refers to a niche shipping service needed to move large containers for a truck, ship or rail.


Drayage Services

We will provide you with a high level of carrier service and become a reliable transportation partner for you! Our TEAM can provide services in Container Hauling (Drayage Services) across the seaports in the United States.
We offer premium services to our customers by ensuring we meet customer satisfaction. We also try to help our customers avoid unnecessary fees at the port like demurrage etc.

We can offer to our customers:

  • Moving cargo from port to port
  • Port to the rail yard
  • Port to warehouse/shipping hub
  • Facility to the port, rail yard, or another facility

Reasons to use Premium:

  • Availability (We have access almost to all of the ports in the USA)
  • 24/7 operation/tracking system
  • Cost Savings
  • Safety and security

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Shipping Services on Conestoga

Our services on Conestoga means:

  • Cost-effective
  • Expedite
  • Coast to Coast service
  • Full Retractable Rolling System / side and top loading
  • Air ride equipment
  • Over Dimensional loads

Average dimensions of truck: 192/100/120
Average payload: 5500 lbs