Owner Operators
Premium Logistics is a reliable transportation company that has used the combined decades of experience from our team members to create services with each customer in mind. We strive to have the services and equipment necessary to meet your every need, ready and available for you, 24/7. Premium Logistics has an experienced team of logistics coordinators that work across both the United States and Mexico.

Our logistics coordinators work together to solve every logistical problem and establish reliable and efficient supply chains. Premium Logistics uses every effort to make your profitability the priority throughout the creation of your supply chain.
We understand that in the end, it all comes down to profit, and our goal is to help you go as far in the black as we can. Every member of our team at Premium Logistics, from our dispatchers, to our logistics coordinators, to our drivers, have years of experience that are all collectively used to benefit you, our customer, in every way possible.

Premium Logistics is constantly expanding and adapting to meet the growing demand within the transportation industry across both the United States and Mexico. To meet these needs, we have created a broad spectrum of services that are available to our customers.
Our experienced team at Premium Logistics is proud to offer Cross Border services, Expedited Shipping services, Last Mile Delivery services, Overnight Delivery services, Time-critical services, Reefer services, and Conestoga services. Amongst the many services offered here at Premium Logistics, you’re sure to find the one that will best support the growing transportation needs in your business.

Our team of logistics specialists work diligently to establish reliable, profitable, and efficient supply chains. We have a large network of drivers and vehicles available here at Premium Logistics, that are highly experienced in the services they offer.
We have the ability to solve the transportation needs for both dry and refrigerated goods with our current vehicle lineup. Regardless of the size or type of freight you need transported, we can handle it with ease here at Premium Logistics.

At Premium Logistics, we understand that the success of your business hinges on the reliable transportation of your goods. Our logistics team is prepared to manage every detail of your logistics process, allowing you the freedom to focus on other areas vital to your business. Partnering with Premium Logistics to handle your transportation needs means having someone on your side 24/7 to answer any questions you may have, and support you every step of the way. Thanks to the large network of specialists and drivers we have established throughout the United States and Mexico, we will perfectly manage your supply chain from start to finish.