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As you might imagine, the “right” type of drayage classification will largely depend on your shipping circumstances. If you are using intermodal transportation, are located near the port, are located far away from the port, or have any other major logistics-chain-related factors in play, they will all affect which drayage service you should use.
If this all seems confusing, it’s because… well, it is! Just know that we are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Our team deals with this stuff everyday, and we’re all generally pretty nice people (depending on if we’ve had breakfast or not.) If you have any questions, just reach out to one of our team members and ask!

Drayage service isn’t just charted service of your freight container to your door by a trucker – it’s any service required for picking up a full container and moving it to another location. In other words, if you ordered a full container of freight and need to get it to inland states, it still needs to be picked up from the port and brought to an intermodal port for rail transportation.
In this instance, you would hire a drayman to pick the container up from the ocean port and bring it to the intermodal port. The intermodal carrier would then bring your freight to its destination rail port where you would, again, hire a drayman to pick up your container and bring it to your door.